All natural handcrafted bar soap. No synthetic fragrances or colorants. You’re welcome.

Our Story

Ian and Alina started Borestone Soap in the summer of 2017. As children, they both loved spending time roaming the wild woods of Maine with their families and sometimes fishing poles. Growing up in the Highlands, one of Ian’s favorite places to hike was Borestone Mountain, a secluded summit surrounded by the beautiful 100 mile wilderness and the nearby Appalachian Trail. The Borestone trail system is still a favorite hike and the reason for our name.

Ian and Alina and their sons still love being out in nature and appreciate that, like them, more and more people are wanting all natural products in their homes and for their families. That’s why Borestone soap is all natural and contains no synthetic fragrances or artificial colorants. We think people like being able to pronounce the ingredients they’re putting on their bodies. Our handcrafted bars have 3 basic ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. Pretty simple, right? Then we add essential oils like lavender, bergamot and balsam and natural colorants like turmeric or our personal favorite, activated charcoal, and that’s it. After a 3-4 week cure time, it’s packaged up and shipped to your favorite store, co-op, or right to your door. 

We’ve purposely kept our production small and continue to handcraft our product in small batches for quality control and also because we really don’t want to be in the middle of a big industrial park in the city. Being close to nature with our families, roaming the wild woods of Maine is just fine with us.

Thank you for buying Borestone Soap and we hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do.